USSA Legislative Goals 2020

  1. USSA supports the development of a sustainable plan to increase operational funding for public school districts, placing Oklahoma first in the region in per-pupil investment by 2024.

  2. USSA supports the ongoing full funding of health insurance for certified and support staff.

  3. USSA supports legislation to protect and preserve the Oklahoma Retirement System as a defined benefit plan, and to provide a cost of living adjustment for retired TRS members. 

  4. USSA believes that all schools receiving public funding, including those that benefit from tax credits, should be subject to the same accountability measures as all public schools.

  5. USSA supports the development of a student weight in the state funding formula for full time virtual students that is reflective of the reduced cost associated with providing full time virtual education. 

  6. USSA supports legislation that will give school districts an equal voice with city and county governments in the development and approval of Tax Increment Financing Districts that are financed by ad valorem revenue.

  7. USSA opposes any legislation that would remove educational decisions from locally elected Boards of Education.

  8. USSA supports legislation that will allow school districts to enter into partnerships with Oklahoma Higher Education Institutions of their choice to provide concurrent course offerings for high school students in district facilities. We support the expansion of current enrollment to for students beginning in the ninth grade, and we support partnerships with higher education that allow certified teachers to provide instruction in concurrent enrollment courses.

  9. USSA believes that except for funding, the greatest challenge facing public education is the teacher shortage. To alleviate the teacher shortage, we support full reciprocity for all fully licensed teachers. We also support legislation to remove the three-year cap on earnings for retirees.

  10. USSA strongly opposes any voucher legislation.

  11. USSA opposes the expansion of tax credits for the Opportunity Scholarships Program and Educational Improvement Grants until legislation has been enacted that strengthens state oversight of the granting of the tax credits and the disbursement of funds.